Sunday, February 28, 2016

Business Insider Joins Fabrication of "Joshua" Wong and the "Exodus" in China

Haha, Whenever we thought this is religious cliche, and too simple and base for Western media tactics in the 21st Century, a "press soldier" comes along and announces a new crusade. What's this Western media "obsession" with "Joshua" Wong and the Exodus in China? He was entirely "fabricated" by Western media - from Reuters, NY Times, to Bloomberg and Economist - as a "DISSIDENT" and "SAVIOR" useful and practical to the Western cause in Hong Kong. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Die Merkel steht ohne Hosen da! Totalüberwachung seit Jahrzehnten durch die NSA!

Zuerst die gute Nachricht: Die Vorstellungen der US / NSA Totalüberwachung von 80 Millionen Deutschen - ihre Politik, ihre Geschäfte, ihre Telefonanrufe , ihre E-Mails - ist kein Verschwörungstheorie . Entspannen Sie sich. Sie sind nicht paranoid.
Jetzt die schlechte Nachricht: Keine Verschwörungstheorie könnte je die Kerze halten zur amerikanische RealitätÖ

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New York Times (NYT) promotes violence and separatism in Hong Kong (East-West Dichotomy)

NY Times. If violent riot is ok, why not promoting it during the anti-US-military-bases rally in Tokyo, Japan; or the anti-Islam ‘Pegida’ revolt in Brandenburg, Germany; or the anti-Racism demos in New York City, USA? After all, “peaceful” seems not to do it, right?

New York Times is pure propaganda, promotes violence in Hong Kong (East-West-Dichotomy)

NEW YORK – It is no secret that the New York Times is intent on regime change in Communist China and ignorant of the consequences of promoting violence in Hong Kong. But never did the paper made it so blatantly obvious:
In today’s piece entitled ‘China Labels Protesters “Radical Separatists,” and They Agree‘, the NY Times journalist Alan Wong writes a confession of faith to a certain Edward Leung, a rather extremist individual, it appears, who happens to boast (as the NY Times assuredly wanted him to) about the necessity of violence against the state in his quest for… wait for it… “a revolution.” [...]

In atheist China, they worship their parents (East-West Dichotomy)

Ah, Chinese parenting! It’s quite impressive. They do without God and religion. They worship someone else. The majority of traditional Chinese just don’t care for their child as a ‘free agent’.
“The parents are sending their child away, because everywhere is better than home.”
Leaving the child behind, or with an uncle, or a friend, an a’i, some educational institution, claiming it back later, what’s the difference? The child owns its existence to its parents, so the child is the parents’ fucking property -forever! Asking the child for its opinion? Unthinkable. Doesn’t count. The parent, the teacher, the sages -all know what’s best for the child! If they don’t like the child, they leave it with the grandparents. No problem. The parents are sending their child away, because everywhere else is better than home. It’s a ‘inferior complex’ that was planted into their hearts a long time ago, and chains one generation of Chinese to the next. Abuse, physical and psychological, is rampant. Most Chinese parents struggle to raise their child into good, well-rounded, mentally healthy, independent human beings. Chinese just can’t do it. Wouldn’t know how to. Confucianism, Collectivism, Communism… [...]

Anti-China CNN - How US Propaganda Works (East-West Dichotomy)

America's CNN doesn't like China's CCTV very much:

CNN propaganda trash-talks CCTV’s Chinese New Year TV party. Widely known fact: CNN propaganda is far more malignant and confrontational. And CNN is not ashamed of it at all. So, without further ado, here’s a break-down of a masterfully fabricated propaganda piece by Shen Lu and Hilary Whiteman. It’s a 10 out of 10. (You’ll know when we get there.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

@thefinebros World Domination Fail

Keep your ideas secret and close to your vest! Don’t warn the people of the world that you wanna control and monopolize all ‘Search’ (Google). Just do it. Don’t tell the people of the world that you wanna copyright all colors, sounds, and genes (TPP). Just do it! Don’t tell the people of the world that you want to trademark ‘react’ and cash on their reactions (Fine Brothers). If you have the perfect business idea, don’t tell everyone. You do it first!