Saturday, June 11, 2016

Volkers Pispers – Most Important German Cabaret Artist Alive

Volker Pispers is easily the greatest cabaret artist on this planet, although I’m not quite sure he knows this. He became a global phenomenon through Youtube, the US video-share platform. His dark humor and wit, his outrageous moments with Merkel, Obama, and Putin, all brimming with rare genius and intelligence (the moments, not…), are extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of activists in Europe and Russia:

“Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has several times made statements to the effect that we Europeans should not cultivate a superficial anti-Americanism.
But mine isn’t superficial at all.
Personally I have nothing against the US itself – it’s a beautiful country – it’s the people who live there that are the problem.” –Volker Pispers