Thursday, May 12, 2016

To Chomsky: Europe doesn't "lack courage" to confront US; she is broken and incompetent! That's what she is!

Europe does not only NOT confront US dominance, it supports it. Chomsky doesn't understand the desperate situation. He is not European. If you are German and you dare to speak out against the USA, you are dead meat. Job gone. Reputation gone. Family at risk. Erased from the records. The media will suppress the story anyway. The Germans after WW2 were completely domesticated, their strongest men killed, their brightest elites wooed, their women raped or seduced (1 million became US brides), and the country stripped off all its resources and intellectual properties. Their entertainment industry is now American, their music, their history books, and their Internet: controlled by US companies. The military is under US command, including A-bombs. Because Germany is a broken man, Europe is useless. The US can sabotage Germany, so that Europe cannot function, any given time. Germany CANNOT be independent and sovereign even if she wanted too. It would mean resistance and revolt and violence against the USA. And we all know how quickly the US media builds up a new Hitler should time come to test. Just saying.

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Chomsky: Europe Lacks Courage to Confront US Imperial Power

The United States has kept Europe from becoming a major independent power since the end of the Second World War as European leaders continue to show “cowardice” in the face of Washington’s “imperial power,” renowned political and linguistics scholar Noam Chomsky told independent media outlet acTVism Munich. [...]