Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thilo Sarrazin: Germany to become low-IQ country

BERLIN - German best-selling author Thilo Sarrazin causes a ruckus with his racist theories... and gets shamed and ridiculed by the Left and the media of matters. Only problem: apart from shouting and crying "racist," nobody -to our best knowledge- could yet refute the science and hard economic data (he's the former Berlin senator of finance) that show that certain strata of German society breed...ahem, well... they breed stupidity.
"At higher relative fertility of the less intelligent decreases the average intelligence of the population. " --Thilo Sarrazin
Thilo Sarrazin Collection of BooksAnd because stupidity votes and buys gossip papers, politicians and the mass media must cater to... you've guessed it: the stupid. It's a downward spiral. Hence Mr. Sarrazin's first book's title: 'Germany does away with itself.'

The gifted Germans have none or fewer kids; the stupid Germans and, most importantly, Sarrazin says, the average immigrants from the Middle East or Africa, have two or more kids. Therefore, stupid will "out-breed" smart. It's not about individuals, of course. It's about demography: Germany must engage in population control and family planning, or else...
Friedrich Nietzsche Thilo Sarrazin
National moralists: Friedrich Nietzsche (l.), the nihilist German philosopher, in 1891 famously discussed the 'master' and the 'slave' morality, and prophesied the coming of the perfect 'ubermensch'. Almost 120 years later, Thilo Sarrazin says: Sorry, but ubermensch is canceled: "Germany does away with itself."

Unfortunately, the new underclass of stupid, or "prekariat" in German officialese, profits from the German welfare state and affirmative action, says Sarrazin. Those retards will, under supervision, make fantastic consumers of stuff such as fast food and TV reality shows. They may even be buying a Porsche car and -always always- buying the latest smart-phones in the future. Alas, the stupid will be, on average, intellectually incapable of inventing such devices. What to do, what to do...

Fazit: Stupid always wins. Stupid believes in statistics they didn't fabricate themselves. Try not to have kids with stupid. And don't talk about the stupidity of race in public. If you can...

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Image source: Thilo Sarrazin, author of 'Deutschland schafft sich ab' (2010) and 'Wunschdenken' (2016)