Monday, May 9, 2016


While America’s discussing the role of Asian-Americans in Hollywood, there comes along a Chinese Superman…
SHANGHAI – A “Chinese Superman” was announced. By Americans. By DC, the US brand behind the “Superman” franchise. If well-campaigned and aggressively promoted, a market of a hundred million potential zainans (Chinese nerds) awaits! In theory.
The new superman or “chaoren” (super-person) will be living in Shanghai. He is going to be a 17-years old teenager. His preliminary name is Kenang Kong. It is unclear whether the young Kong will project Chinese values onto the world or simply spread Americanism in China. “Kenang Kong” is already westernized: Normally, in East-Asia, the surnames precedes the name: So it actually says Kong Kenang in China. Which sounds total boss, no?