Thursday, May 19, 2016

China to Taiwan: Here's Not Missing a Single Stroke of the Nation

BEIJING - Very funny. The island of Taiwan today, May 20th, inaugurated its first female president who is also a fierce pro-independence fighter backed, need we say this, by the entire Anglo-Saxon Western media. The Chinese government, in response, limited the reporting on the event. Instead, it spread THE LOVE...
Not only rebellious youth, as well as family members waiting. Good morning, I still love you! Today, 5.20 [heart]
Not missing a single stroke
China Taiwan today 5_20 although youve been naughty i still love you
"Not missing a single stroke." [Taiwan here is used as the final stroke (or finishing dot) in the Chinese character for "Nation"] Source: Xiao Tian Lastye, via the Central Government Youth League
Image source:
共青团中央 / The Central Government Youth League