Sunday, February 21, 2016

In atheist China, they worship their parents (East-West Dichotomy)

Ah, Chinese parenting! It’s quite impressive. They do without God and religion. They worship someone else. The majority of traditional Chinese just don’t care for their child as a ‘free agent’.
“The parents are sending their child away, because everywhere is better than home.”
Leaving the child behind, or with an uncle, or a friend, an a’i, some educational institution, claiming it back later, what’s the difference? The child owns its existence to its parents, so the child is the parents’ fucking property -forever! Asking the child for its opinion? Unthinkable. Doesn’t count. The parent, the teacher, the sages -all know what’s best for the child! If they don’t like the child, they leave it with the grandparents. No problem. The parents are sending their child away, because everywhere else is better than home. It’s a ‘inferior complex’ that was planted into their hearts a long time ago, and chains one generation of Chinese to the next. Abuse, physical and psychological, is rampant. Most Chinese parents struggle to raise their child into good, well-rounded, mentally healthy, independent human beings. Chinese just can’t do it. Wouldn’t know how to. Confucianism, Collectivism, Communism… [...]