Friday, May 29, 2015

I agree completely that the USA will want to use military actions against China

Thoughts on Tyler Rogoway's piece 'China Tries to Jam U.S. Global Hawks While Busy Devoloping Their Own'
Hey Tyler, nice analysis. I agree completely that the USA will want to use military actions against China. China wants a peaceful rise, because naturally it is the greater phenomenon on earth, and based on its sheer size and quality of its people, it will become the biggest economy... by far. If the USA doesn’t attack it whilst China is still weak, that is. Washington knows that every little Chinese gain is America’s loss. The USA controls the entire world, so so the media boasts. Americans were indoctrinated that everyone who disagrees with them must be an enemy of freedom, and ought to be contained, coerced, and destroyed. What we see in the Western media these days -total disrespect for all other human beings on this planet: the Turks, the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, the Muslim countries in general - all are feeling the whip of an ever-increasing fascist American mission to civilize the rest of the world, if need be by force. Even the Europeans can’t take US hubris and arrogance anymore. One day, the bowl will break and the cradle fall. One cannot help but feeling more and more sympathy for the victims of American imperialism; for the people in Asia in general, and China in particular. The US media of matter isn’t having any of it, of course, and keeps praising and justifying US militarism while demonizing China. It proves my point that Western media is part of the problem. Just saying. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Top Posts for The East-West Dichotomy (EWD) in Spring 2015

The following is a list and rank of the all-favorite EWD posts in Spring 2015.
Readers are genuinely interested in unique East-West Dichotomy content:
Shengren, Language Imperialism, Peking University news, prominent China
scholars, Chinese mistress culture, Press Soldiers at The New York Times,
and related books and articles written by the author.
Surprise hits were an entry on Loser Laowai in China, and the controversy
surrounding China Expert Daniel A Bell's submission to the NY Times's
Orwellian Rules of Writing.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Criticism of US Media Draws Massive Cyber Attacks

It is impossible for us, at this stage of our investigation, to say where the attacks originated from, as most hackers (or groups of hackers) use proxy to disguise their seats anyway. However, the recent ambushes suspiciously "coincided" with our critical postings about Orwellian Rules of Writing at The New York Times and related criticism of Western biased media reporting on China (whereas when we criticize China, it seems we are totally save.) Naturally, this has convinced us about the importance and the relevance of media critique, and, needless to say, has encouraged us to dig even deeper into the subject matter in the near future.

The East-West Dichotomy is here to stay!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The bias of American empire is the media lens through which international events are perceived and interpreted

Great piece by Tench Phillips on bias and empire in the US media:
"Reportage on U.S. foreign policy is even worse. The bias of American empire is the media lens through which international events are perceived and interpreted. Whether it’s coverage of the fighting in the Ukraine, the war on ISIS, the numerous civil wars fueled by American interventionism which are raging throughout the Middle East, the coverage of democratic movements in South America, or negotiations of trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Pact – egregious examples of media spin and disinformation occur daily in the corporate press as well as NPR and public media." 

One remark about the paradoxes of today's so-called 'media monopoly' and its opposition, the self-proclaimed 'independent press': Despite the fact that there are hundreds of 'New media' outlets, independent journalists, and websites such as Democracy Now! and FAIR, the existence of such oppositional forces only seems to   r e i n f o r c e    the power of the mainstream media.

Why, because the more people cry "corruption" and "misinformation" on, say, a piece of gratuitous warmongering against China or Russia in The New York Times of The National Interest, the more 'free advertisement' and 'controversy' that piece will generate, thereby becoming ever more truer, and relevant and significant. Top tier journalists know very well that they   m u s t   create "new realities." They are writers after all. Only after having penned a sensational report about, say, some "famous teen dissident who's ready to take on the Chinese government" will that dissident become truly notable. Hence the notion of targeting journalism or press soldiery. They are effectively scoring against their ideological enemies.

What I am saying is this: The existence of so-called 'New media' is somehow   c o m p l i m e n t a r  y to the success of the Media Monopoly. The hierarchy is maintained, if not cemented permanently, precisely by the existence of lesser news outlets, conspiracy websites, and tens of thousands of news pundits on the fringes of the internet. If you want to have proof of this, just look at the past 50 years of civil rights movement and libertarian make-belief that changed nothing in reality. If anything, the 'New Media' were partly complicit in creating monopolies. After all, that's how the Big guys in the media business, just like all businesses really, are protecting themselves from the nasty insects all around them: by growing in size and crushing them.

But back to the US media bias and ideological agenda against foreign nations.I know a couple of journalists who hope every day that some social justice warriors or free the media wackos criticize their work, because that way they will attract more attention, which amounts to getting more expose and cross-referencing, which translates into journalistic fame and promotion, public speaking engagements, book contracts, perks and sinecures. In a way, the ultimate step toward their profession's path to final 'self-actualization' is for the journalist to become the story himself.

This strategy works best when writing about foreign people, because if, say, 10 million Chinese feel offended by an anti-China campaign, that is fantastic for the journalists and their editorial rooms. People of color and foreign people in general are expected to protest by the millions. The New York Times employs 6 'China correspondents', one for every 200 million Chinese. They try every day with China bashing reports to provoke a response, hopefully a physical one, that would cause even more US media retaliation against the Chinese people.

For the US media monopoly and empire bias: the more they offend foreign nations, their governments, and their people, the better. We see this with the Western press on Islam, the Middle East, Iran, China, Russia and the Ukraine, India, whatever suits the agenda of the day. They only way to stop this media madness is to ignore it. Yet, that is precisely what the 'Free Press' is NOT allowing to happen, I claim; on the contrary, they are driving traffic to the mainstream by pointing fingers. They are saying THIS and THAT is NOT TRUE! And people are looking. If history has taught us anything about "reality", it is that attention triumphs over the truth -all the time. When Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago declared himself the King of Jews and the Son of the Jewish God, that wasn't the truth. But people got so upset about his dishonesty, and the lies he and his fellows were making up, that it become a mass movement resulting the most powerful religion of all today.

Every writer knows this: The more fantastic and sensational the story, the more likely it is to disrupt the lives of the people. I have yet to meet a single journalist who isn't fully aware that he creating "disturbances" that will -hopefully- have serious consequences. In fact, some newspapers seek to actually influence foreign leaders and countries, or at least the perception about them. And for that they need thousand of lesser media outlets and freelance writers who spread the word and syndicate the message. It's a perfect symbiosis. All the people who criticize FOX News watch FOX News every day. And then they pretend to not like it.

The only way to battle the mass media bias against foreign nations, naturally, is by ignoring the mass media. But as I just explained, not even the critics are doing that. They can cry all the want; in the end might is always right.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pattberg: Most Westerners have no idea of what ren, datong and tianxia mean

"Even the most educated Westerners may have no idea of what such terms as ren, datong and tianxia mean," said Thorsten Pattberg, a German philosopher and cultural critic.

The first book of a new series titled Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture is expected to shed light on the aforementioned issue.

The book, which is scheduled to be published by Beijing-based Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) in early June, translates 100 terms in ancient Chinese literary, philosophical and historical writings into English and explains them in both Chinese and English. Below each item, there are short citations extracted from ancient writings to illustrate how the expressions used to be employed.

The Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture Project was launched in December 2013, when the Ministry of Education, the State Language Commission and 10 other departments jointly rolled out the initiative. Over 70 renowned domestic and foreign experts in history, philosophy, literature and translation were involved in the process. [...']

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Plato had always designed for the philosophers to rule. Soon we might be looking at their dictatorship.

"Plato had always designed for the philosophers to rule. Soon we might be looking at their dictatorship."

German scholar Thorsten J. Pattberg explains the beginnings, the rise, and the future dictatorship of the 'philosophers:

Philosophy is a Syndicate:
At Big Think: Philosophy is a Syndicate

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Rise of the Western Press Soldiers in China (Part I) - Michael Forsythe

SINCE it got so ridiculous and militant in the Western press related to China, your author decided to put up a miniseries ‘Western Press Soldiers in China’ that will offer a satirical look at the most hopelessly sadistic and prolific anti-China propagandists in the US media...
Western Press Soldiers Michael “the Knife” Forsythe (NY Times)