Saturday, July 4, 2015

Oxford's New Global Language Initiative Celebrates Segregation and Purity of Languages

Read: Celebrating Segregation and Purity of Languages
OXFORD - British nostalgia about its lost Empire and the good-old European world order in which the races, cultures, and languages were clearly separated (and must remain so, in the eyes of Anglophone scholarship across the world, sadly) reflects in its recent ambition to "curate the content of 100 languages" under the misleading project title: 'Oxford's New Global Initiative'. The content in question, of course, already exists. It is just a sneaky attempt at content farming under one's own OUP brand. This aside, this talk about the future of 'Global Language' it's a blatant rip-off of your author's philosophies, published widely and generously across the globe. But while it is flattering to see one's ideas influencing the way we are going to write in the future, it is heart-breaking to see that Oxford Press "borrows" and abuses certain key words and tags such as "Global Language" for its own perverted, ideological cause to keep the world languages segregated, instead of uniting them into one single future global language, as the original philosophy was intended:
The vocabularies of the world’s languages do not overlap, they add up. Translation is something else. It is a form of cultural genocide. Oxford University Press must find the “untranslatables” of each culture, its names, brands, and originalities, and introduce them into the Future Global Language. --The