Wednesday, November 5, 2014

James Miller: The demonization of China is shameful

Will Canada ever end its demonization of China? by James Miller via

"Of course, no country is perfect. America launched the second Gulf War on a false pretext, and brought about 100,000 or more civilian deaths. But Canadians view America as a flawed big brother whose power we must respect and whose flaws we must, from time to time, accept. It would be absurd to imagine that we should boycott the American Fulbright scholarship program as a result of America’s foreign policy." --J. Miller

Here are some of my own thoughts on this:

As APEC 2014 kicks off in Beijing this week, there has been increasing reportings about militant 'China experts', mostly from Western countries, that have nothing else to do in life than demonizing China and everything Chinese (there is big Western money in it), resembling or at least bordering on the systematic demonization of the Jewish race in the 20th Century. Their ultimate goal is clear: China either Westernizes and does as Washington and its allies demand, or else (especially if your racial or cultural features prevent your from doing so), we the foot soldiers -under the guise and pretext of Western free journalism -, destroy your reputation, dislodge your society, and usurp your government. Already, US journalism dispatched its troops in order to destabilize Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong. This anti-China bashing has gotten so out of control in the last 10 years that we may as well speak of rampant journalistic terrorism aimed at China. If historians in a hundred years will look back at the corruption and the China reporting by today's The New York Times, The Economist, Bloomberg etc. they might conclude that it was a form of US Nazism. And, yes, some commentators fear that war and genocide is coming back to East Asia, because this toxic hatred for China, fabricated and spin-doctored by Western media and the so-called China experts, might get out of hand, as it did towards Islam or the Russians. That said, more and more academics (because their lives are increasingly affected by this Western anti-China, anti-Russian, anti-Islam, anti-everything madness) call for an end of racial and cultural demonization of the East. Finally, everyone hopes that China will not overreact to Western journalistic terrorism, because that is exactly what Western agents hope to archive: creating enough momentum to justify and launch the next, even bigger anti-China campaign.

Thought of the Day: Noam Chomsky calls US "world's leading terrorist state", based on its own definitions of what constitutes 'terrorism' when other states are doing it.