Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Foreigners have a blast in Beijing, refuse to assimilate!

The Beijinger has a fantastic piece by Michael Wester on foreign "expats"* in Beijing:
"If you've been thinking lately that Beijing's expat scene is a complete sausage fest dominated by foreigners who can barely speak Chineseyou're right: A comprehensive study of the foreign population in China released last week shows that 74 percent of the expatriate population are dudes and three out of four "understood only simple words in Chinese."
In a poll designed to figure out how to attract and retain foreign talent, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs discovered that 73.8 percent were male, and only a shockingly low 8 percent report that they could speak at least simple Chinese."
Egads you neanderthals! [READ FULL PIECE AT THE BEIJINGER]
*Note that most Westerners reserve the classy title "expats" (expatriates) for themselves, but few of them really are. They are neither dispatched nor have expat packages or diplomatic status. The large majority of them are just tourists, students, and immigrants.
Shoutout to ThinkInChina for sharing it!