Friday, October 31, 2014

Vulcanhammer: The "Cult" of China Experts is hardly new

The Cat 'Buff' of Vulcanhammer (c) Vulcanhammer
Quick shoutout and thanks to Vulcanhammer for this kind endorsement:
"It also puts a new twist on this “white privilege” meme that we hear so much of these days.  Most propagators of that meme would like us to think that such is a purely right-wing phenomenon.  But this is not the case, as the list of experts Pattberg reels off shows.  It’s one thing to mouth a multicultural agenda; it’s quite another to actually do it successfully.  In the case of China, we’re nowhere near that point, and I’m not holding my breath on that changing any time soon." -- @Vulcanhammer

I agree. US-journalists acting as social justice warriors or, worse, para-political units, won't stop their smear-campaigns against China until the nation finally disintegrates. This could happen any time, any year soon. There's malevolence in the air. On a bad day in Europe, you can smell the pure hatred and witness the blaming of Asians for all the problems in the world. As one German farmer once explained the silliness and dangerous simplicity of Western propaganda: "Even our cattle now believe the West is our savior and that the East is evil." The situation is that toxic.