Friday, October 17, 2014

Chinese Students at Harvard and Cambridge (Video)

There is the joke that Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream" was really about being able to send all your kid to a US Ivy League school, such as he sent his daughter to Harvard. Bo Xilai sent his son to Harvard, too. In fact, in China everyone knows someone who has a son or daughter in America. China has a massive brain drain problem.

Yale, Princeton, Harvard, or even Cambridge University in England, are considered the ultimate upgrade for the taizidang, the spoilt and well-to-do sons and daughters of China's elites. It is estimated that 85% of the rich are planning on leaving China, or sending a kid to a Western top university. Rich Chinese entrepreneurs are donating millions of dollars to US institutions just to boast with their affiliation.

Meanwhile, Peking and Tsinghua envisioned their universities to be world class and are investing millions of rmb in prestige projects. Will their efforts be enough to stem against the massive Chinese brain drain?