Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pattberg: Deutscher Justizangestellter ging zum Philosophieren nach Schottland (June 2001)

Aus dem Archiv (6/2001): Thorsten Pattberg beginnt im Oktober ein Studium an der Universität in Edinburgh. Justizangestellter machte Abitur am Abendgymnasium in Hamm:
This was featured in our local newspaper, WA, back in June 2001 upon my departure from Hamm, heading for gorgeous Scotland and the University of Edinburgh. What a great adventure and journey into the unknown... but also... at the age of 24: so much loss (job, car, house) and separation from life-long friends and my dear family. My ultimate goal, then as now: To become the next Hegel, or at least a better Schopenhauer, no kidding! :-D