Wednesday, February 5, 2014

With friends like that we don't need enemies: US targeted German chancellor's mobile phone

BERLIN - Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in an interview with BILD, Germany's leading tabloid newspaper, accused the USA of impudence towards its allies and friends. He went as far as using the word "disrespect" towards the "sovereignty of his country." Mr. Schröder said he expected a political backlash when he declined to go to war against Iraq during his time as German Chancellor, but he never thought that America would go so far as to spy the phones of European leaders. Background of this story is the NSA's global espionage activity that wiretapped Mr. Schröder's phone and the mobile phone of his predecessor Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Schröder showed especially discontent over the US's reluctance, if not outright dismissal, of Europe's proposal for a future 'anti-spy-agreement.' The US ignored such a proposal and continues to eavesdrop on all German communication regardless of German laws and the constitution.
Read at Spiegel Online English Version: Iraq War Critic: NSA Targeted Gerhard Schröder's Mobile Phone
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