Friday, January 24, 2014

Pattberg is the real deal (The Benicia Herald)

Road map to Immortality - How to live forever
Funny and highly entertaining piece by Carolyn Plath!
ON THE PATH TO GREATNESS NOW. Found the formula.
It is Thorsten Pattberg’s 12-Step Program: How to Live Forever.
I was skeptical at first. Remember Steve Martin’s 2-Step plan to becoming a millionaire and never paying taxes?
Step 1: Get a million dollars.
Step 2: Never pay taxes.
But no. It’s not like that. Thorsten Pattberg is the real deal. And we’re not talking about a zombie revolution here either. Not that shallow, reanimated walking-the-planet, vampire-living-in-a-casket-during-daylight sort of eternal life.
Pattberg has mapped out how to live forever in the hearts and minds of the Universal History of the World!
That has always been a goal of mine.
Don’t know him? Out of Peking University? Oh Pattberg’s the guy. He’s featured on Big Think right alongside authorities on brain function and meditation, predicting politics and maps of North Sea bivalves. Yeah. So.
I figured I’d just go ahead and get started. With the legacy thing, you know. No time like the right now.
So, here we go. Just gonna jump in with Step 1. Ready …
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