Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pattberg Interview: A China Without Chinese?

NEW YORK/TOKYO – Eric Draitser sits down with Dr. Thorsten Pattberg to discuss academia, language and imperialism. Dr. Pattberg examines the ways in which academic imperialism is used to shape dominant discourse. CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE.

New York/Tokyo - Thorsten Pattberg and Eric Draitser discuss Academic Imperialism
Pattberg: "We have already annihilated China's spiritual shengren and the other archetypes. They are gone."

Shocking Interview on Academic Imperialism

In this exclusive interview with veteran journalist Victor Fic, Pattberg calls for a respectful accuracy and opposing “language imperialism.”
German Scholars thinks Shengren are overlooked; photo: Dong Guisheng, Beijing

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling the shengren "philosophers" or "saints" is a historical mistake

Calling the shengren “philosophers,” “saints,” or any other familiar name is the greatest historical blunder since Christopher Columbus’s discovery of “the Indians” in America.
Check the Pattberg interview by veteran journalist Victor Fic!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Confucian Way of Europe

BEIJING/SHANGHAI - Published first in China's flagship media Shanghai Daily on July 25, 2012, and China Daily as Europe's path to a new humanism on Dec 10, 2012, the article has gone viral on the internet. 

Thorsten Pattberg - Europe's Path to a New Humanism;
photo: Dong Guisheng
Here's a link to the uncensored piece entitled The East is a Promotion.

Thorsten Pattberg - The East is a Promotion Series;
photo: Dong Duisheng

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pattberg with President of Wesleyan University Michael Roth

Michael Roth, President of Wesleyan University, author, historian, and public intellectual, gave a speech yesterday at Peking University entitled: "Why Liberal Education Matters."
Peking University: Thorsten Pattberg with President of Wesleyan University and renowned author and public intellectual Michael Roth.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pattberg visits Isfahan in Iran

Pattberg at Imam Mosque at Naghsh-i Jahan Square in Isfahan
My Iran Talks come to an end. Last day with Ahmadreza Doostdar from CISSC to Isfahan. Here I am sitting in the front court of the gargantuan Imam Mosque at Naghsh-i Jahan Square in the early foggy morning hours of Dec 06, 2012. Altogether we visited 5 great cultural centers of Persian/Iranian heritage. Magnificent.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pattberg in Iran, 2012

On invitation of the Center for International Scientific Studies & Collaboration (CISSC), I visited five major cities and cultural centers in Iran - Tehran, Kermanshah, Zahedan, Qom, and Isfahan - and gave public talks at four key universities. (Nov 30 - Dec 08, 2012)
At Alzahra University in Tehran (CISSC)
Pattberg at The University of Sistan and Baluchestan in Kermanshah, Iran
Pattberg in Razi University in Zahedan, Iran
T Pattberg and A Torkamanzehi - Campus Visit, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran
Visit to the Grand Library of Ayatollah al-Uzma Marashi Najafi in the Holy City of Qom, Iran
Touching the tome of Ayatollah al-Uzma Marashi Najafi in the City of Qom in Iran
At the House of Imam Khomeini

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Frontiers of Language Imperialism

Thorsten Pattberg: What is Language Imperialism and How Cultures should compete for their Terminologies; Interview on Corbett Report by James Corbett.

TOKYO/BEIJING - In this exclusive interview we will talk about: Shengren, Wenming, Junzi, Daxue, Emperors, Deutungshoheit, and many more foreign concepts and terminology, and how translation of a foreign culture is the destruction of that culture.

I argue that academic imperialism is wide-spread and that the majority of Western scholars deliberately employ Western biblical and philosophical terminologies for original Eastern concepts, thus making the latter unrecognizable, distorting those countries' socio-cultural originality: China, in Western history books, becomes a China without Chinese and so on.

I have written extensively and consistently about this topic, for example in Asia Times, Global Research, China Daily, German Times, Korea Herald, and Japan Times.
James Corbett in Japan
James Corbett is an investigative journalist, activist, and the host and producer of the Corbett Report based in Japan.

Beijing Conference 2013: Comparing China and the West

Bringing the Disciplines Together

The International Association for Comparative Study of China and the West (IACSCW) invites proposals for presentations at its conference to be held in Beijing at Peking University from 12 to14 July 2013.

Its primary purpose is to bring together from all over the world individuals and organizations with an ongoing interest in comparing China and the West.

Our title opens broadly to include cultural comparisons involving one or many disciplines. In particular, we want to bring together researchers with practitioners in the interest of developing new approaches to comparative studies in teaching, theory, analysis, and cultural production. Proposals for presentations are welcome from researchers in any area involving China and the West, whether academic, governmental, or corporate.

The plenary speakers will be internationally prominent scholars working on comparative issues in philosophy, translation, history, literature and other modes of cultural production. They include Professors Tang Yijie (PKU), Tu Weiming (Harvard/PKU), Jean Bessiere (Paris III), Roger T. Ames (Hawaii), Henry Rosemont, Jr. (Brown), and Daniel A. Bell (Tsinghua & Jiaotong).

Suggested range of topics:
Comparative Culturology
Problems of Translation (in either direction) and Culture Studies
Cultural Production: today, yesterday and tomorrow
Theoretical issues on comparing cultures and/or civilizations.
Disciplinary debates, humanities and social sciences: China and the West
Comparative Literary Relations
Comparative studies of arts / dramas / films
Comparative studies of politics and laws
Overseas Sinology
Comparative studies courses: pedagogical practice and theory
Bi-national concerns: China and particular Western nations
Contemporary issues: economics versus ecology
Testing models for cross-cultural comparisons
Cultural domains that resist comparison
Funding cultural experimentation and exchange

The languages of the Association are English and Chinese. It is expected that English will be used for most conference presentations, with simultaneous interpretation provided for plenary addresses. Some panels, by prior arrangement, may take place in Chinese.

Proposals are welcome from individuals (300 words maximum) or panels involving at least three presenters (around 700 words, identifying the proposed Chairperson). Proposals must include an English version but may also include Chinese. Proposals should be submitted by using the application form from the conference website under

The relevant form can be found under Conference > Application. After filling out this two-page form using the free Adobe Reader, please email it to the organizers using the envelope icon or print and then scan to a digital copy to submit by email to

The provisional deadline for submissions has been extended to 30 January 2013. Proposals received after that date cannot be assured of equal treatment. Participants whose proposals are accepted will be expected to join the Association as full members as part of conference registration. For more detailed conference information, see our website as listed above.

The organizers intend to issue their response by late February 2013. Those who are invited to present will be notified in timely fashion of recommended hotel accommodations so that they may make their own bookings and travel arrangements.

The conference expects to charge a registration fee to cover meals and activities. In order to keep the amount modest, the Association is seeking subsidies. Hence the figure cannot be announced until closer to the conference dates.

Excellent papers presented at the conference will be selected for submission to some European Journals which are indexed by Scopus, SCI or EI. Also the Association will invite conference papers to be submitted for consideration for its own journal: COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF CHINA AND THE WEST, whose first issue is to be distributed at the conference. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

On CCTV, Dec 24 2012


While China Network Television CNTV came to record images of our Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) at Peking University, we had a group discussion on the future of Confucianism:
Pattberg at The Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Peking University
It turned out that Tu Weiming was about to get awarded with the CNTV Personality of the Year 2012 prize for disseminating Chinese Culture to the world.

Pattberg: Ruxue, also know as Confucianism, is little understood in the West; that is because Western scholars use erroneous biblical and philosophical translations, instead of adopting China's originality and concepts.
Santa Confucius and Christmas in China, anyway!