Sunday, May 26, 2013

Talking Jiangnan-Style: Thorsten Pattberg, Mariatu Kargbo, Nick Angiers (CNTV, China)

BEIJING - We had a great time on Liu Fangfei's show 'Journey of Civilization (文明之旅)' broadcast on CCTV-4. Guest of honor was Zhang Yongyi, historian of the Jiangnan region around the Yangtze River. In the picture: Thorsten Pattberg (裴德思), scholar at Peking University; Miss worldwinner, singer and artist Mariatu Kargbo (玛丽亚), and the very talented Nick Angiers (安仁良), program host and 'xiangsheng' performer. [This episode will be broadcasted on Monday 27, 2013, at 22:00.] [WATCH THIS EPISODE]. [BACK TO MAIN].