Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Generation of Japan Leaders: YAKURA Katsuo

TOKYO - Thorsten Pattberg and YAKURA Katsuo: Alumni of Fudan University, Shanghai.
BEIJING/TOKYO – Japan's recent WTO row over China's 'rare earth', of which China controls 95% of global output, and the Senkaku Islands dispute that dangerously disrupts Sino-Japanese relations, a new generation of young Japanese leaders is determined to find legal solutions. YAKURA Katsuo, a Youth Commitee memberof New Komeito, studied at Tokyo University, holds a Law degree from the University of California (UCLA), studied at the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, and already spent some time in the Chinese capital Beijing. Now YAKURA is determined go join Japan's National Diet, the Kokkai, to make a difference for the future of his country. Good luck and Ganbatte がんばって!